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Legends® Fibregized Omega®


A unique formula perfectly suited for intense training, sales prepping and promoting overall bloom and appearance

Appropriate for classes of horses that require moderate to significant calories in addition to their forage. Legends® GastroCare™ technology has been blended into this feed for added gastric support.

14% Protein
12% Fat
16% Fiber


  • Legends® GastroCare Technology has been blended into this feed for added gastric support. 
  • Fixed-Ingredient Formula for consistent palatability and consumption. 
  • Organic Trace Minerals Including Selenium for desired hoof, coat, skin quality and to support immune system. 
  • Amino Acid Fortification to support muscle repair and maintenance. 
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids help support immunity and hair coat health. 
  • Scientifically Formulated to be a calm source of energy, deriving the majority of its digestible energy content from sustainable energy sources that do not cause rapid changes in blood sugar. 
  • Densely Fortified to support feeding smaller amounts. 
  • Features Super Fiber shredded beet pulp and soybean hulls for superior nutritional digestibility and increased caloric density. 

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