Bunny 16

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Product Description 

Bunny 16 is specifically recommended for maintenance of pet rabbits, herd bucks, and dry does. It may also be fed to performance animals in situations where little to no long-form fiber (hay) is being fed. 

Features & Benefits 

Fixed Components

A consistent formula using only the highest-quality ingredients to prevent sudden changes in the diet and to improve digestive health and function.

Chelated Trace Minerals

The more biologically available forms of zinc, copper, and manganese are added to provide proper levels of the minerals for optimum health and appearance in all rabbits. 


Supports the presence of beneficial bacteria and helps stabilize the rabbit’s sensitive digestive tract, ultimately promoting good animal health.

Yeast Culture

Supports a healthy, functional microbial fermentation in the rabbit cecum and colon, promoting fiber digestion.

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