Blue Seal Dynasty Grow 16/6 Pellet

Blue Seal

A pelleted horse feed for young growing foals and lactating mares.

Product Description

Dynasty Grow 16/6 Pellet is formulated to meet the demanding nutritional needs of lactating mares and young growing foals. Contains a high nutritional profile with an optimum balance of energy and fiber for safe grain feeding. It can also be fed to show horses on low-protein hay or when extra shine and condition is desired.

Features & Benefits

Essential amino acids — lysine, methionine and threonine

Ensure that quality protein is available for continuous growth and rebuilding of muscle tissue.

High fat from vegetable oil

Increases energy density and efficiency for sustained performance and endurance. Incorporating oil helps reduce the risk of starch overload while maintaining desired calorie level for optimum weight and body condition of horses in various life stages.

Advanced Antioxidant Package

Stable vitamins and biologically available trace minerals may help maximize the immune system response, maintaining optimal health and metabolism.

Yeast Culture and a fixed component formula

Yeast culture along with a consistent fixed component formula aids in maintaining a healthy and stable digestive tract environment.

Stable vitamins and a precisely balanced mineral package

Incorporating organically bound trace mineral complexes may help promote joint and bone health and strength.

Quality protein, B-vitamins and organically bound trace mineral complexes

May help promote healthy skin, hair coat and hoof condition, enhancing overall appearance.

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