Centurion 25 Ft. Coil Hose With 6-Way Multi-Pattern Nozzle


The compact, tangle-free 25 ft. Coil hose coils back to its original 16-inch size. Its 6-pattern sprayer features a rear pistol trigger that adjusts pressure while the twist head sprayer quickly adjusts the spray pattern. The hose easily stretches out 25 ft. And retracts into its original 16-inch. Coil for fuss-free storage and lawn care. This compact set includes a 25 ft. Polyurethane hose and a 6-pattern spray nozzle and is ideal for a variety of watering needs.

A Water Pressure Control – Insulated Heavy Duty Non-Slip Rubber Grip Handle – Sturdy Plastic Rear Trigger Nozzle With 6 Spray Patterns – Fits Most Standard Garden Hoses – Hose Easily Stretches Out 25 ft. – Retracts Into Its Original 16-inch Coil – Fuss-Free Storage


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