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An Eggcellent Solution For Increasing Winter Production

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark. When the clocks fall back and the short dark days of winter are upon us, how do we prevent a drop in egg production? When the day length shortens this results in a lag of production of follicle stimulating hormone in our young females which ultimately leads to fewer eggs produced. Egging Them On. As poultry owners we can overcome a lag in production through supplemental (artificial) lighting. It is essential for poultry owners to turn the lights on once natural day length falls below 15 hours per day. While a light-day of 11 …

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increasing winter egg production


Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends who came out Saturday and supported our first annual COW-LLOWEEN event here at Isley Farm Supply! We greatly appreciate our friends and neighbors who make our business a success!

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